November 2012

Rails Rumble

Myself and a team of 3 others entered “Rails Rumble”, a 48 hour contest for building a Ruby web application.

Myself and several friends entered the Rails Rumble 2012 a contest to see what you can build in 48 hours with Rails on a Linode. We decided we wanted to leverage an API and a mash-up of job boards and linkedIn connections was our choice. We took your connections from LinkedIn and found jobs at the companies of your connections the idea being that you can find an “in” to a job.

Whether you are actively looking for a new position, or just daydreaming about new opportunities, It’s Who You Know is a resource for you to make real connections with people inside the companies that interest you. Use our tool to match the job postings you are qualified for with the people you know on LinkedIn to make the most of your social network during your job hunt.