David Morrow

About Me

Hi I’m Dave, a full stack web developer who leans to the front-end. I live in beautiful Portland Oregon with my wife and two children.

When asked to describe my skill set, and what differentiates me from other developers, I often answer with

I'm a developer with a designer’s eye. I bring a level of UI detail many developers lack.

Having been a designer previously, I feel I have a knack for building great UI, and collaborate will with designers and art direction. I love building beautiful things. I have extensive experience with Data Visualization, dashboards, single page Javascript applications and more.

I love writing clean, tested client side Javascript, and love working full stack with node on occasion. I get the most satisfaction in programming solving complex problems with simple solutions.

When I am not working on projects or tinkering with open source. I like to backpack in the cascades, work on my bonsai collection, shop for vinyl, and play electric guitar. Oh, and of course my other full time job, being a dad.

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